We are Unit040

We Merge Virtual and Physical Worlds

And we’re good at it.
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We Are Unit040

We explain technology. We are good at that. We explain it to all stakeholders; your customers, colleagues, investors or the rest of the outside world. This often concerns complex matter. How do you visualize this? How do you explain it? Unit040 has developed powerful products on various 3D platforms over the years. From animation to simulation and from Virtual Reality to product configuration.


Unit040 is a young and dynamic organization founded in 2006. Five students from Eindhoven University of Technology decided to start a company together. Against all management laws Unit040 grew into a company where a large team now operates. Unit040 makes products from the High-tech industry understandable and accessible to everyone. We do this by developing 3D models that can be used for Research & Development, Production, Promotion and Training purposes. Thanks to our approach, the return on investment for our clients is high.

From design to completion: 3D animation and simulation supports the whole process

Whether you want to explain your product to an important prospect or want to learn how to operate a system with your colleague: the 3D technology of Unit040 can help you with this, through various platforms. For example, with our advanced Virtual Simulation technology you can test your system for errors or you can do design reviews with your colleagues in Virtual Reality.


High end 3D animation.


Develop your product on the spot in 3D.

Virtual Simulation

Develop, test and modify your machine in a virtual world.

Virtual Reality

View and review your machine in a virtual world.

Augmented Reality

Add layers over your machine for predictive maintenance.


Gain insight before production.