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The bridge between your client, Sales and Engineering

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The power of visualisation

Unit040’s Visual Configurator creates an effective visual centerpiece for all stakeholders, during the Development and/or Sales stage of a system. For your Sales team it functions as the ideal tool to sit with your client and together configure the right system.

For your Engineering department it functions as a frictionless transition from Sales to Engineering, since all engineering rules and settings have already been included in the Visual Configurator; what is configured can be made. And for your client? For him or her, it means that he gets exactly what he sees.

Unit040 allows users to see the world of tomorrow in all its glory. With in this Virtual World, the product or system can already be fully configured, experienced and even ordered, befóre it physically exists.

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The benefits of a visual configurator

No mis-interpretation

The power of visualizing your system as completely as possible lies in the fact that there is no more room for mis-interpretation of the system.

Visual centerpiece

Everyone sees the same model and therefore talks about the same thing. Allowing for frictionless transitions between your client and your sales department.

Modular blocks

Configuring is the act of composing a system from different basic building blocks. A variety of rules and influenceable parameters can be connected to them

Virtual System

The power of the Visual Configurator is mainly in the fact that all this comes together in one Virtual System. The benefits are endless.

Reasons to use our Visual Configurator
PREspective integrated

The Visual Configurator is part of Prespective and benefits from its features.

The fact that the system is visible from every angle ensures common understanding.
Integrated engineering rules

The software behind the Visual Configurator allows for fully integrated engineering rules.

How it works

Our Visual Configurator is a digital platform that has multiple forms of expression. It is an interactive 3D environment in which the system is visually configured. By default this is shown on a screen. Interaction and 360 viewing is then possible by mouse. Since the Visual Configurator runs on Unit040’s Prespective platform, it also connects to the latest developments in this area. This makes it possible to view and use the Visual Configurator in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. In no-time your client steps into the Virtual World towards his or her new system and can experience its wonders in detail.
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A little bit more depth

The future is modular. Similarly in the machine building world. In the most ultimate form, each individual module is generic. i.e. generic in design (multifunctional) and generic in control software. When different modules are placed together in the Visual Configurator, the multifunctional design and the generic control software ensure that the modules work together flawlessly. Modules can thus be visually configured by the customer itself into a working system. An order can then be placed, and production can start. Clients can get a PDF with the quote and a drawing of the system. That future is now rapidly approaching with the Visual Configurator.
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Jorick Huizinga - CEO Unit040

”A Visual Configurator forms the centerpiece between client, sales and production. It serves as an ideal salestool, by combining engineering rules with interactive visuals, to show your product it all it’s glory to your client.”

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