a Unit040 joint venture

The first Model Driven Integrated Software Solution; to Develop, Test and Modify Your Machine Park First Time Right!

What is Softwareport?

Industry 4.0 introduces many new challenges for machinery and factory development. The factory of the future is highly flexible and connected. This requires software and data driven systems. Softwareport offers a a development platform providing the tools to develop, test and modify your machine park, first time right.
Model Driven Development

All stakeholders (IT, sales, mechanical, board, customer, end-user etc) can work simultaneously by using visual tools like graphical model-based engineering and virtual simulation.
Bug free software

Handmade software code always contains bugs. Softwareport generates code automatically from the graphical design models, bug free and with just one push of the button.
Virtual Prototyping

With less use of physical prototypes, no bugs (first time right engineering) and unmatched expectation management, your commissioning costs will drastically decrease.
Hardware independent

Softwareport interfaces with hardware from all providers and runs on all major technology platforms. No lock-in with just one company gives you freedom in your development process.

To understand our business case better

read the following use case

and you will understand.

IMAGINE an Industry 4.0 factory where a customer has just ordered his personalized, drone in a webshop. The order that is placed is immediately picked up by the software- system in the factory, components are 3D printed, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) transport components and products throughout the factory and the product is assembled and delivered to a distribution center: all automatically! One can imagine that developing such an Industry 4.0 factory is a challenging task. Typically, hardware and software are developed sequentially. Then, extensive prototype testing and bug fixing is essential to achieve a robust solution. The development of such an Industry 4.0 factory is not only a lengthy, but also a highly expensive process.

WHAT IF hardware and software development could be parallel processes, due to automatic software coding on the basis of the functional design? And what if testing a virtual simulation of the digital twin of the entire factory can eliminate the time-consuming and costly physical testing process? The transition from conventional manufacturing towards Industry 4.0 factories would not only be accelerated, but also far more profitable. Furthermore, by running such a digital twin parallel to the physical factory, maintenance becomes predictable. In a later stage, technical modifications and factory updates can be virtually tested for a risk-free implementation in the running factory.

is the combined power of three different domains.

Softwareport is the joint venture of three innovative companies (Unit040, Cordis and Festa Solutions) that offers the most extensive software plaform that interconnects all production elements within a (manufacturing) companies’ system.

The revolutionary aspect is that Softwareport connects three different worlds in one single development platform; High Level Control (Festa), Embedded Software (Cordis) and Virtual Prototyping & Simulation (Unit040). Because of this integration, Softwareport is the first player in the field to provide a fully integrated solution regarding the challenges of Industry 4.0.