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Unit040 is one of the key players in Virtual Reality development. With years of experience, we understand the true added value of this new technology. We understand that it’s not a gimmick, a trend or fun toy. So let’s use Virtual Reality as one should: a serious output form within your design- and sales process.

Virtual Reality can support your business during the complete lifecycle of your product development. Imagine a immersive world where designers, software engineers, operators and sales representatives can work simultaneously instead of one after the other.

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The benefits of Virtual Reality

Create Worlds

Create environments that are to difficult to visit in real life, simply not yet exist or future projects.

It’s Immersive

Study shows that Virtual Reality is so immersive, content sticks longer to your audience than 2D video.

Added Value

We don't create experiences as a gimmick; your VR application should have added value to your business.

Be Innovative

Using new technology as Virtual Reality, shows that you embrace innovation within your organization.

Virtual Reality in your organization
Design reviews

Use a Virtual Reality model as a conversation piece between different domains within your company: designers, engineers, operators; they all can have a say by reviewing system in the virtual world.

Sales | A Virtual Reality model of your system is highly beneficial for the sales department, as it shows your clients future systems and products, or products that are too large to bring along.

Showcasing your product on a tradeshow or conference can be necessary, but logistically challenging. Use Virtual Reality to solve this problem and be innovative in regards to your competitors at the same time.
Training & Learning

Learn to use a system, way before it actually exists. Or train an operator in Virtual Reality, before letting him control the real deal, thus reducing the chance of failure at the actual system.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Unit040 will guide you all the way. Simply tell us what your goal is. We use your 3D models, optimize them and create the exact right tone of voice. Your system wiill be presented the setting it will operate and we help you choose the right music and voice over. Unit040 unrolls all projects in a iterative manner, to ensure you will get the exact solution you wished for. We see this as a collaboration, that's why most of our clients stay with us for years.
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Gaming technology

Although our solution is mainly used by high tech companies, aerospace and businesses working for infrastructure, we use a Gaming Engine for our development. Why? Unity3D is a powerfull engine, where all physical laws are applied and simply because the gaming industry is miles ahead of industrial engines. With extremely high-end renders, simple to use controls and a large database of assets, Unity3D is the perfect solution for all your demands.
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The Virtual Reality headsets we use

Samsung Gear VR

Ideal for tradeshows and sales pitches. The Samsung Gear VR is light and is to be operated with a Samsung smartphone. Price wise it’s a low-end solution, with high quality performance.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is for heavy duty performances. With its tracking system it allows you to walk freely in the virtual world and interact with 3D models. Perfect for in-company use.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is for heave duty performances. With it’s tracking system it allows you to walk freely in the virtual world and interact with 3D models. Perfect for incompany use.

The difference between VR, AR and MR

There’s a big difference between new, but seeminly similar technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. But what are they?

Mark Zuckerberg - CEO Facebook

Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones.

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